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The Physics of TIS

A physical phenomenon is a transformation that does not change the nature of the substance. In fact, when we turn on a light bulb, current flows in the tungsten filament that becomes hot and emits light. When we turn it off, the current is interrupted, and the filament cools and stops emitting light.

We can therefore turn on and off the bulb a number of times. The tungsten remains tungsten but the difference is substantial we can read in the dark!

Physics changes the state of matter (solid, liquid, gas), chemistry changes the nature of matter, which means we get a substance different than what we had before.

PHYSICS CHEMISTRY is the branch of chemistry that studies the physical laws underlying the chemical processes, i.e., that studies the details of the chemical processes considering molecules and atoms as physical systems.

With the theory of consistency of quantum electrodynamics, MODERN PHYSICS has offered one of the most important contributions toward getting a unified vision of reality, one of the most important and structured holistic foundations, in order to understand what a profound connection there is between each physical element (field-particle) forming the Universe.

Understanding evolution in unitary terms, from elementary particles to the organisation of biological life, the interaction between matter fields and electromagnetic fields in unison, on certain particular carrier frequencies with certain phase and consistency relationships belongs to a more modern science.

TIS (Technology Integrated System) belongs to this branch of modern physics.

Overtis, a company that does not produce "just fertilizers" but applies TIS (Technology Integrated Systems) to all its OverGround line, arose from the will of its researchers and first from their intuitions, and then from scientific confirmation


  • Technology

    TIS (Technology Integrated Systems) is an innovative technology for a sustainable agriculture that uses consistency of electrodynamic quantum principles. .
  • Sustainability

    Overtis offers solutions for a greater equilibrium between economic development and quality of life , between wealth produced and respect for the environment.
  • Products

    Overtis produces fertilizers using micro-organisms useful for agronomic requirements

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