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TIS, Technology Integrated Systems

We are used to believing that the biological functions of a plant are activated only by means of chemical reactions, and this is why recognising the quality of nutrients depends on the declared value.

The life of the plant systems certainly do not depend only on chemical functions and  balanced microbiological activities, but also on physical functions that carry out plant system control activities.

TIS Technology Integrated Systems per l'agricoltura

The plant, as an open system, recognises the external environment as part of itself.

All the molecules making up the plant not only act as chemical reagents, but also as antennas because they are formed of electrical charges able to oscillate and emit electromagnetic waves.

As in the case of a radio's transmitter, the waves emitted can simultaneously reach many other molecules, even at a great distance. For this reason all attempts to judge the value of fertilizers based on their "content" - first of all of macro-meso-micro elements and with chemical parameters - is as inadequate as it would be pointless to assess the quality of a concert based on the weight and material of the musical instruments.

Recognising the importance of the collective, and not local, properties of the individual molecules, and studying water's dynamics in the attraction between the biomolecules and the microbiological activity necessary for living matter to properly function allow us to improve the chlorophyll photosynthesis, the process of transpiration and respiration of the plant, and also all the infinite biochemical reactions involved, such as the growth activity, the enzymatic activity, etc.

What determines this contact or interaction in living matter is the electromagnetic field, which does not act on the objects only as a donor of energy, but also of rhythm... just like a musical instrument tuner.

 TIS technology, applied to the entire  OverGround fertilizer line, provides a higher order and ensures a balanced complex of all nutritive factors, thus aiding assimilation for the plant.

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    TIS (Technology Integrated Systems) is an innovative technology for a sustainable agriculture that uses consistency of electrodynamic quantum principles. .
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