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Tomato - Farm in TARQUINIA

Tomato OverGround
  • Plant visibly more developed with intense green colour already after 20 days (as seen in the image, parcel above the arrow)


Confirmed during the cycle:

  • Root system much spread out much more and deeper
  • Shorter internodes and flower clusters totally set
  • Colouring inside the fruit particularly red
  • Firmer fruit (no dripping during transport)
Harvest data:

  Not treated: HARVEST   96,128 KG/HA
  Treated :       HARVEST   108,072 KG/HA

  INCREASE OF 12.43%


Potato - Farm  in LUCO DEI MARS (AQ)

Patata OverGround
  • Healthy plant with more green leaves
  • Presence of rhizoctonia solani lost
  • Less waste during storage
  • Fungicide treatments were limited to 3 instead of 12
  • The yield was 5.1 tons/ha, i.e., from 59.1 to 64.2 tons/ha



Aubergine - Farm in CERVETERI (RM)

Melanzana OverGround

The parcel treated with OverGround corresponds to ½ ha

The control corresponds to 2 ha.

Two and a half months after the harvest on the treated parcel 90 and a half cases per ha were collected, unlike that not untreated with 60 cases per 2 ha

Aubergine OverGround
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