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OverWater, scientific evidence

OverWater irrigation water treatment deviceOvertis has performed a number of tests to collect scientific evidence to confirm the results of the use of OverWater, the revolutionary device for treating irrigation water.


Sensitive Crystallisation

Evaluations of the effects of OverWater using Sensitive Crystallisation methods, as well as dark field microscopy, provide clear results:

There is no doubt clear, not to say impressive, difference is found between the two samples. Moreover, evaluation of the water sample of the water network treated with OverWater shows that it is far more vibrant, orderly, active and "reactive" compared to the sample of water of the water network NOT treated with OverWater. It therefore has a higher number of crystals (dissipative structures) that represent a higher order in the system, meaning vitality.

Water NOT treated with OverWater
Water treated with OverWater


Plants, however, belong to the autotrophic systems, so we cannot summarily term a water biologically useful just because it has well-organised crystals at the liquid state. This is why other tests were carried out.



Evaluations of in vitro growth of wheat seeds, second experimental model accredited by the scientific world and also shared by foreign researchers.

​The Overwater device caused an unequivocal stimulus and increase in the growth of seedlings, visible progressively throughout the phases observed. Plants treated with OverWater reveal highly marked differences in terms of both size of the buds and numerical and linear development of the roots, mainly in the growth of the aerial part and in the secondary root apparatus.



Ground chromatography

Ground chromatography according to the Ehrenfried Pfeiffer method &is useful for evaluating dynamics and vitality.
Chromatography is a qualitative analysis of the soil that shows, with a sort of photograph, the ratio between organic substance, minerals and biological activity of a soil.

The reading of the chromatogram not only highlights the vital qualities linked to the formative forces, but it also provides information about the structure of the soil and the state of the transformations in progress, especially concerning the microbial activity, the formation process of the clay-humus colloids, mineralisation, the tendency to constipation and asphyxia, erosion and washing away, and the water retention capability in order to make the elements available.

Comparison of the Chromatography on two soils


Both images show water taken: from the water system in the left circle sector, and the same water disturbed with the OverWater device in the right circle sector.

The ground samples treated subjected to the OverWater device leave no doubt:
the Horizontal Chromatography images clearly demonstrate the effect of the passage of the irrigation water through OverWater.
The soils examined show the characteristics typical of poor agronomic management: "flat” and opaque images, poor or no diversification in concentric crowns, almost no radial structuring of the internal area (compression and poor permeability of the soil) and, above all, serious deficiencies in the external crown (biological activity, enzymes and humus).
The effectiveness of OverWater is clearly revealed by lightening and organising the chromatography images, as much in the internal restructuring of the figures as, and above all, in the development of the cortical crown. This means that OverWater water is able to mobilise and activate the however poor biological resources of the soils.

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