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Melon - Farm in TARQUINIA

Melon OverGround
  • Homogeneous development of the plant without excess vegetation
  • Flat foliar sheath with leaf-stalk of a larger diameter than that of the control
  • Down much more evident than that of the control
  • White, healthy and highly expanded root system
  • Fruit of homogeneous size, fragrant and with 12% Brix more than the minimum required for guaranteed melons (13° BX)
  • Green plant until the end of the cycle and healthier (see photo)
  • Higher production due to less waste and number of fruit sets

Melon - Farm in COLAZZONE (PG)


The harvest was carried out on the same day in both compared blocks.

OverGround Farmland
475 berries with an average weight of 1.580 kg 475 berries with an average weight of 1,479 kg
Brix degree about 0.7 Brix higher on the OG land.  
The first set fruits were faster growing, so much so that some were more than 1.8 kg. The others reached maturity after 5-6 days scalar.  
OG production 39.66 tons/ha with average of 6.25 fruits per plant and an average weight of 1.510 kg Farm production 35.68 tons/ha with average of 5.78 fruits per plant and an average weight of 1.470 kg


Tondo Geodè Courgette - Farm in FONDI (LT)

Courgette OverGround The plants show evident signs of greater growth as early as 15 days, with darker leaves.


Courgette OverGround Even the courgette is darker in colour and the size is more regular.

Production is 15% greater than the control.

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