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Gentile Lettuce - Greenhouse Tests

Also the tests performed in a confined environment where Gentile lettuce is produced confirmed the positive action OverGround exerts on the entire production process, and more specifically:

  Greenhouse Production
Greenhouse roduction
treated with OverGround
Greenhouses 322 sq. m 973,35 Kg 1142,29 Kg
Greenhouses 530 sq. m 1659,24 Kg* 1734,68 Kg*

*partial data

Lattuga Gentile Serra OverGround e Serra TestimoneComments

At harvest we consider the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of the product such as turgor, the content of dry matter, nitrates, vitamin C and antioxidasic activity, intensity and brightness of the colour of the leaf blade and its length to width ratio.

The analyses confirm the higher content of nutritional substances and a lesser presence of harmful residues..

Assessments on the visual, organoleptic and weight loss plane

Lattuga Gentile Serra OverGround e Serra Testimone

In any case the difference between the two samples of lettuce is immediate.

The lettuce treated with OverGround respects a harmonious ratio and development of the form linked to the need of living beings to increase the "according to nature" in the best and less expensive way.
The control does not have any of this.

What is noteworthy are the characteristics of the quantitative-qualitative aspects and the shelf life of the vegetables, including the nutritional substances

Two 5-kg cases, one treated with OverGround  and one untreated, were stored in a refrigerator.
Five days later a weight loss of 500 g was observed in the untreated case, while no weight loss was found in the one treated with OverGround.

Germination and Rooting Tests

Germination and Rooting Tests Overground

Valerian above, lamb's lettuce below, treated in the traditional way (1) and treated with the OverGround product line (2).

Development of Lamb's Lettuce Seedlings

Development of Lamb's Lettuce Seedlings OverGround

The seedlings, treated in the traditional way (4) and treated with the OverGround product line (5).

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