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Research and Development

It was clear to the Overtis team that it was necessary to change the subject and direction of scientific thought in order to understand which highly delicate mechanisms regulate the life of living beings. And this is what it did.

Research and development, fundamental for the quality we want to offer, is carried out in collaboration with several university departments, such as Chemistry-Physics-Biology and Agriculture, and confirms a holistic and non-reductionist view that results in a new agronomic science.

Overtis: a new era for modern agriculture

We were able to make a contribution to the force of nature, and this is what Overtis did through TIS (Technology Integrated Systems), an innovative and revolutionary system which duly takes all aspects into account:

  1. chemistry (represented by the natural organic substance),
  2. microbiology (represented by micro-organisms, real transformers of all substances),
  3. and quantum physics (able to regulate both the activity of bacteria and that the plants themselves in what we simply call "environment").

In this view, it is inevitable that we enter the dimension of those who respect the environment.

Our intuitions firstly and scientific confirmation afterwards become reality.

All laboratory-formulated products of the OverGround line are then tested in the open field. This much longer and more demanding choice allows us to learn more about aspects that in a confined and controlled environment often do not emerge. In this way we have greater guarantees of success and our customers confirm that.

All the raw materials chosen by Overtis guarantee quality and safety. The agronomic results are in qualitative and quantitative terms.

  • Products

    Overtis produces fertilizers using micro-organisms useful for agronomic requirements
  • Sustainability

    Overtis offers solutions for a greater equilibrium between economic development and quality of life , between wealth produced and respect for the environment.
  • OverWater

    OverWater is a revolutionary device for treating irrigation water.

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