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OverGround ST-Basic XL

Product with Specific Action on Plants

OverGround ST-Basic XL is a mixture composed of inoculum of mycorrhizal fungi, rhizosphere bacteria, actinomycetes and yeasts able to establish a a symbiotic and ecological occupancy relationship with the roots, thus fostering a microbiological rebalancing of the soil's organic activity.

With the combination of vegetable matrix "biostimulant" active ingredients, OverGround ST-Basic XL aids plant growth with a synergistic action on the root apparatus, on the natural growth factors and on the soil's microbial activity. The plant features a significantly more developed root system, a larger fruit set, uniform ripening and fruit size.

Physical State of the Product

The physical state is liquid.

Product Preservation

Specific conditions are not required, but it is best to store it away from the light. To get the best agronomic results from OverGround ST-Basic XLit is recommended to use it within 8 months from the date of production (refer to the lot in the package).


  • Organic amender, mycorrhizal fungi, rhizosphere bacteria
  • organic matrix (non-composted single vegetable amender)
  • mycorrhizae: 0.004%
  • rhizosphere bacteria: (rhodopseudomonas spp. Rhodospirillum spp. Actinomycetes spp. Saccharomyces spp.) 6x108 ufc/g
  • GMO-free


The product is distributed by hose irrigation (drop by drop) or boom sprayer with sprinklers for the entire farming cycle.OverGround ST-Basic XL is used after irrigating with water only. This provides a direct exchange with the roots.

No latency period between the last application and consumption is required.


The indicative quantities per operation are 15 l/ha. Several operations are required, depending on the type of crop. We recommend that you contact our technicians for targeted protocols. OverGround ST-Basic XL has no overdose problems.


  • In the open field and greenhouse
  • Horticultural crops
  • Fruit crops
  • Floral and ornamental crops



  • Regenerates soils exposed to intensive cycles
  • Improves the overall condition of the plant and encourages chlorophyll photosynthesis
  • Improves rooting, absorption of nutrients and resistance to water and climatic stress
  • Improves production in terms of quality and quantity
  • Reduces the time needed for soils to reconvert
  • Improves the physical properties of the soil
  • Counteracts the oxidative processes
  • Recovers the biodiversity of the soil
  • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen
  • Makes the nutritional substances bio-available
  • Increases productivity while protecting the organoleptic properties of agricultural products
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