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Device for treating irrigation water

OverWater is a revolutionary device for treating irrigation water.

OverGround OverWater device for treating irrigation water

Why OverWater?

OverWater creates the conditions so that adequate ordering pulses transfer to the water the characteristics typical of ordered structures (like the increase in hydrogen bonds), where a greater cohesion in the system offers properties such as molecular stability, memorisation speed, transport of signals and other bio-electric information such as negative electric charge, greater viscosity, molecular alignment and a greater capability to absorb certain light spectrums, all this through crystalline liquid structures.


How does OverWater work?

OverWater acts by electromagnetic induction and not by direct contact with water. It is able to alter the bio-energy component of water in order to be able to draw agronomic advantages.

The device is the result of knowledge of Fluid-Dynamics and Electromagnetism. It is self-powered (so it does not need to be connected to the electric network) and it is self-inductive (the reaction is induced spontaneously).

Water treated with OverWater is disturbed because OverWater revolutionises its form by instantaneously giving it the characteristics of the dissipative structures. Disturbed water is able to vibrate at set frequencies that generate a broad spectrum of useful natural oscillations.

OverWater Disturbed Water - irrigation water treatment

​Is disturbed water quality water

Of course.
OverWater does not alter the molecular content of the water used in any way. Therefore, disturbed water keeps all the characteristics present before treatment unaltered at the molecular level.

What gives water treated with OverWater a higher degree of quality is the fact that disturbed water is reorganised according to the code that defines its exchange of information with the plants. In this way it can more easily gain access to the “language" of the living system.


Where I can use it?

Overtis has focused its research on treating water for irrigation, and therefore for plants and not generically for all uses.
Usingf the OverWater device is recommended for hose irrigation systems (drip irrigation) or spray bars for sprinkling with nebulizers for arboreal, horticultural, fit for seed and nursery-gardening crops.
The combined use of OverWater with the line of OverGround liquid products is optimal to promote the general biochemistry.

Is there scientific evidence to support all of this?

Overtis has performed a number of tests to collect scientific evidence to confirm these claims.


How much water can a single device treat?

OverWater has no capacity or cultivated surface limits, so costs drop considerably


How big is it?

Overwater is about 40 cm long and is available in two sizes to cover polyethylene pipes with diameters ranging from 63 cm to 140 cm.


How is it installed?

Overwater irrigation water treating device setup Its setup is immediate. It just has to be placed on top of the already existing irrigation pipe, taking care to always orient it on the North-South axis. It cannot be installed on metal pipes.


How much does its maintenance cost?

OverWater does not use electricity and is maintenance-free. Its operation remains unaltered for 5 years, after which it has to be replaced.

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  • OverWater

    OverWater is a revolutionary device for treating irrigation water.

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