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Does Quality Water improve growth and development?

The quality of the water used in irrigation is essential for the yield and quantity of the crops, maintaining the productivity of the land and environmental protection.

Water as a precious asset should primarily meet quality parameters such as ph – conductivity – fixed residue, but factors that involve physical behaviours like form and order are instead neglected.

The studies of the physicist and 1977 Nobel prize-winner Ilya Prigogine have demonstrated – with scientific investigation methods – that water’s vitality, or lack thereof, depends on the degree of organisation of the crystals that form in the water, which are also called dissipative or ordering structures.

So it is no longer sufficient to analyse only the content of ions or other trace elements present to describe the quality of water, but also parameters such as the proportions and balance have to be considered. That is because form in nature in not a secondary factor, but quite the opposite: it regulates the vital functions and the order within the system.

The “study of form” and the “study of substance”, both essential for understanding life, broaden the perspectives when evaluating water quality.

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