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Overtis Overground, Produzione e Vendita Concimi e Fertilizzanti Overtis Overground fertilizzanti Overtis Overground concimi Overtis Overground, Production of Fertilizers Overtis Overground fertilizers Overtis Overground fertilizers


Production and Sale of
Latest Generation Fertilizers

The OverGround line includes bio-stimulants fertilizers with specific action on the soil, organic nitrogen fertilizers in liquid and microgranular form, selecting species of micro-organisms for all formulations applying the revolutionary and innovative TIS (Technology Integrated Systems) system.


OverGround fertilizers guarantee a
high biologically active organic-mineral content.
Integrating chemistry, microbiology and quantum physics 
has led to an unprecedented result

  • Products

    Overtis produces fertilizers using micro-organisms useful for agronomic requirements
  • OverWater

    OverWater is a revolutionary device for treating irrigation water.
  • Sustainability

    Overtis offers solutions for a greater equilibrium between economic development and quality of life , between wealth produced and respect for the environment.

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